What do we do with our birth chart?

What destiny lies behind this astrological chart?

What destiny lies behind this astrological chart?

Friday, April 07, 2006
Today’s Question: So…what do we do with it?
“Theosophy gone stupid.” This is one person’s opinion on the state of modern astrology. Esoteric teachings have reached new levels of incomprehensibility. This isn’t how it was meant to be, surely. We got the planets moving along the same band of stars, the time to observe the consequences and the ability to make notes about it all. Then came the analysis of the data (the Greek’s specialty), various techniques to hand, and…application. Ahhh. Application: the stickiest aspect of practicing astrology. This is where the Vedic astrologers claim to have an edge over Western Tropicals. Over the centuries the Indians have developed a system of prayer, good deeds, and gem therapy with which to tackle an astrological problem. Vedic practice was generated from Hindu religious thought, giving it a wee bit more spiritual weight.
 The idea of Unity of Being, and the recognition of the illusion of separateness from all other life is so important for inner/outer happiness, that I think it needs to be emphasized whether practicing Eastern or Western astrology. We have an ethical responsibility to lead in some positive way (even if we don’t know precisely where we are going). But how do we do this in Western context? Various Western schools have sprung up to fill the apparent void. But this is a paradox, because really there was no void of physical/philosophical applications for Tropical astrology. Two astrological Dark Ages robbed us of their development, yes. But now the original material is being rediscovered, and in my opinion these medieval and ancient ideas translate well into our Age. The clarity of Greek thought cannot be overstated. For an example of its uplifting philosophy, read Rob Hand’s article “Fate and Astrology” (Mountain Astrologer, Feb/March 2006). 
One thing I’ve discovered— the application of ancient Western philosophy can be liberating.
But it takes a strong will to face up to its straight-edge ideas.

Back to us and our current so-called needs. The Earth was birthed into a certain set of circumstances which allowed for us to come into being. Now that we are at this point in our history, is it really wise to talk about “evolving” souls without taking into account environmental consequences? Doesn’t all this dedicated self-involvement lead to a disconnect with the natural world? Green astrology aims to promote tree-hugging and pony clubs. Those SUV’s with their tusk-like bull-bars are today’s highway elephants, but they ain’t part of my herd.


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