The Twisting Road.

The twisting path, illuminated.

The twisting path, illuminated.

Three strands twist. Do we end up where we were always going?

We all have occasions for regret. But is it fair to say that no matter which road we take, we all end up in the same place? Taking our own pace we continue along, following a common map, asking: “what’s it all for?”, then finding the most surprising conclusions. They say that in the last moment of life we see the whole journey—surely then our choices will become clear. But that knowledge doesn’t do us any good when we need it most—right now! Our birth horoscope is said to be a sort of screen grab of our entire life to come. I am not convinced. In my opinion it is impossible to see the sorts of things that astrologers generally claim are there to be discovered.  Nobody wants to hear that when they have spent years studying the subject! The usual response to this is that one needs more study, more study, and more study…choose different techniques or use the same techniques in a new way. Of course there are plenty of people around to run workshops and sell books on becoming better able to read the impossible. Le sigh. That’s the reason so many of us are turning to the ancient authors who had nothing to sell except their accuracy.


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