Fixed Stars.


Does anyone here ever go out into the night and pick out a favourite, lucky star?

Want to bet that you end up with one of the deep red stars like Antares or Aldebaran? Good choices. But it is most likely that you choose the most wonderful star in the sky—Sirius. This is a large white diamond of a star; the glittering light of Sirius demands your gaze.

To be born under Sirius is to be blessed with a glorious, interesting life: “Well connected, it promises fame, honors and riches. On the Ascendant and with Mars combined, Sirius can be quite dangerous, pushing ahead with too much ambition is then seen, resulting in dangers by injuries or attempts on the native’s life. According to tradition, Sirius will give a famous death with honors beyond the grave, if positioned in the 8th house. In good aspect with Mars and Jupiter and close to the MC, promise is given of gaining extensive wealth, a lucky hand in commercial enterprise or matters of government. This star so placed is most excellent for military , lawyers and civil servants. Sirius in conjunction with the Sun and well placed in the chart will be found to be the case with numerous important and famous personalities. Possibly, the rise in station is made possible by protection from people of influence.” (Taken from Ebertin’s Fixed Stars book)

Sirius can be found rising with Orion—in the Southern Hemisphere she is located to the right of Orion and in the constellation Canis Major. In the Western Tropical zodiac, Sirius is currently around 16degrees 5 minutes Cancer. Check it out in your horoscope and let me know what you find. 


2 comments on “Fixed Stars.

  1. Now, I don’t know enough about astrology, by a long shot, but isn’t Sirius the dogstar? Living in a city means I can’t see the stars as well as I could as a child, in the Welsh countryside…I miss them!

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